Established in 1952, Central Prosthetics & Orthotics is one of the largest and oldest facilities headquartered in Lexington Kentucky. Since 1984 our practice has expanded to 12 locations throughout central and eastern Kentucky for patient convenience providing custom artificial limbs, orthopedic braces, custom foot orthotics, diabetic services, custom sports face shields and a large array of off-the-shelf items.

Our practitioners are all American board certified and state licensed and continually train to keep current with the latest technology and research, so as to offer their patients innovative solutions. We understand that each patient is a unique individual with their own set of requirements.

Our goal is to enable our patients to return to a more active, independent lifestyle. Our mission is to build a lifelong partnership with our patients and to provide cutting edge prosthetic and orthotic care. Our company’s success is not from one individual but expresses a team achievement. This philosophy of the all in approach is the driving force that allows our practice and each individual to contribute to the overall success of the practice. This ensures our patient’s needs are met and the patient attains the highest level of satisfaction and comfort.

Central Prosthetics & Orthotics is a multi-disciplined practice that provides prosthetic, orthotic and pedorthic services. Patients that come to us are usually in pain, suffered a life altering disease or surgery, or sustained an injury from an accident that has altered their livelihood and activity level. When they come to us, if they have pain, they want to be free of it. If they have suffered a life changing accident, or have succumbed to a neurological deficit that has altered their lifestyle, they simply want to get that part of their life back, or as much of it as they can.

A knowledgeable practitioner will ease this anxiety. We will address their needs professionally with timely appointments and allow the patient to continue with their rehabilitation, or back to their daily lifestyle. Our multiple locations offer convenience with as little travel as possible.

We are hopeful that in the end, our patients are pleased with their overall experience with us. Our practice is respected and known throughout the healthcare communities we serve. In short, they simply trust us and the work we do. We understand that each patient is a unique individual with their own set of needs and requirements.

Our goal is to enable themselves to return to a more active and independent lifestyle. Our patients come to us with expectations. It has always been our job to help them reach their goals.


Our clinical team of prosthetist and orthotist offer diverse and unique skill sets which represent over 100 years of experience, they continually train to stay current with the latest technologies in the field so as to apply them in practical and innovative designs for their patients. All of our practitioners are American board certified and state licensed in either orthotics, prosthetics or both.

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