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Central Prosthetics & Orthotics has been offering bracing and support solutions to patients for over 30 years. Our practitioners provide individualized, personable, and thorough care to our patients afflicted by injury and disease.

It is our hope that our bracing and support systems empower our patients to reach their full potential and mobility. The services we provide are all encompassing whether we are treating the lower extremity, upper extremity, spinal or cervical regions. An orthosis is intended to mechanically compensate for a pathological condition. The device may be used to control, assist movement, limit or immobilize an extremity, joint or body segment for a particular reason as well as reduce weight bearing forces for a particular purpose.

Patients benefiting from an orthosis have sustained a physical impairment such as a stroke or spinal cord injury, congenital abnormalities such as cerebral palsy, a physical change like scoliosis, orthopedic injuries such as herniated disc, compression fracture, (ACL) tear or tendon rupture or neurological injury such as drop foot. These items are usually made from a cast impression of the involved limb but may be prefabricated in some instances.

Common Questions About Orthotics

How often should I see my orthotist?2017-03-08T09:11:46-05:00

–plan on making follow-up visits to your orthotist a normal part of your life. Proper fit of your custom orthosis and proper mechanical working are essential to maintaining a proper working orhthosis. Like any other mechanical device, routine maintence and adjustments are needed from time to time. Small adjustments can make big differences.

You should see your orthotist every 6 months or if either of the following occurs:
–you have experienced weight gain or loss, even if it is five pounds or 2% of your body weight.
–there are unusual noises being made.
–skin irritation is noted.

Why did my doctor order this device in the first place?2017-03-08T09:11:18-05:00

–your doctor determines the medical neccesity of the device they are prescribing. Our role is to fit you with the appropriate device based on your diagnosis and your phycisians prescription.
— doctors prescribe devices to treat your condition: to protect, immobilize, support, increase comfort and or promote healing to maximize your outcome.

How long am I suppose to wear the device?2017-03-08T09:10:53-05:00

Your physician will detremine when you are to wear your brace, for how long, and what activities you should or not do while wearing your brace.  Your physician will also determine when you can discontinue wearing your brace.

How do I clean my brace?2017-03-08T09:10:25-05:00

–prefabricated products will have cleaning instructions printed either on a tag or in printed form
–for a custom brace, our clinician will instruct you on caring for the brace.

Do I bring the device back to you when I am done with it?2017-03-08T09:10:00-05:00

–no. All items either prefabricate or custom made are for one-time use on a patient.You may dispose of as you wish. If you only used the brace for a short time, we cannot take the system back.
–all device orders are filled at the request of your doctor. We are following there medical determination of your diagnosis. Therfore, all device services are final.

What kind of training do you have?2017-03-08T09:09:26-05:00

–all our clinicians are american board certified and state licensed in either orthotics, prosthetics, or both. Our clinicians have various levels of training including college and particular system training on the latest technological advances in their scope of practice.
–all clinicians are required to maintain continueing education credits to maintain there certification and license.

Can I get an extra device?2017-03-08T09:08:54-05:00

We can provide you with an extra device, but health insurances do not typically reimburse for the second device. Therefore, you would have to pay for the item yourself.

Can I just stop at one of your offices and pick up the device?2017-03-08T09:08:29-05:00

Our clinical office patients are seen by appointment, so we prefer that you call one of our offices first.  Each patient must be seen by a clinician for measuring and/or delivery of the device.  It is our professional responsibility to insure that the device we provide fits and functions properly.

How much does the device cost?2017-03-08T09:07:57-05:00

Once you have been  evaluated and your device has been determined by the clinician and submitted to your insurance, we will have a price as set by your insurance.  We will work with you to assure your insurance is billed correctly and you have a good understanding as if what, if any, will be your cost.  If you donot have insurance, we do have a fee schedule and after your initial visit, we will be able to tell you what will be your expected cost.

How long will it take to receive my orthotic device?2017-03-08T09:07:30-05:00

Custom devices and special orders should take no more than 1 to 2 weeks following insurance approval and needed physician documentation. Off-the-shelf (prefabricated devices may be delivered the same day if they are in stock.

Will my insurance cover the device?2017-03-08T09:06:58-05:00

This will depend on your insurance plan, the device needed and your diagnosis.  Depending on your insurance, you may have a deductible, copay or a percentage of the total cost that you will be resposible for paying.  It may also be dependent upon weather you have had a similar brace for the same diagnosis.  The billing specialist at our office will be able to inform you of your coverage.  Insurance coverage is not a gaurantee of full payment.

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