Project Description

On September 11, 2001, about ten minutes after the second plane hit the world trade center in New York, I was involved in a rock fall at the coal company where I worked.  I lost my right leg above the knee.  At the same time, my left leg was fractured in twelve places and my left hip was broken.  With special permission from the FAA and UK Medical Hospital, I was airlifted to UK.

All aircraft were grounded at that time in the U.S.  I remained at UK for 28 days in ICU.  I returned home for a month to recover, and then went to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital.  The doctors gave me a choice for prosthetic help to make me a prosthesis.  I chose Central Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

It was there that I met Ed and his team who helped me return to walking again.  While at Cardinal Hill, I read about a new knee called a C-Leg.  It was computer controlled.  After completing rehabilitation, Ed soon made arrangements to get started making my prosthesis.  After completion and through the necessary training, I am back up again and living my life the way I want.  I am active with our local fire department and in charge of operations at the station.  I enjoy the mobility my prosthesis allows me.  I make every day count.