According to the National Limb Loss Center, In the United States, there are an estimated 1.9 million amputees in the united states and approximately 185,000 amputee surgeries performed each year. Of those amputations performed, the majority are due to Peripheral Vascular Disease, including Diabetes (54%), Trauma (45%), and Cancer (less than 2%)

People with Lower limb amputations have a number of choices to make regarding rehabilitation and your health care team can help you make those choices. There are many factors that determine how much of the limb is amputated. Generally the longer the remaining limb is, the more control you will have of your Prosthesis.

Levels of lower extremity amputations:

  • Hip Disarticulation – Amputation is at the hip joint with the entire thigh and lower portion of the leg being removed.
  • Transfemoral Amputation (AK) – Amputation occurs at any level from the hip to the knee joint.Knee
  • Disarticulation – Amputation occurs at the level of the knee joint.
  • Transtibial Amputation (BK) – Amputation occurs at any level from the knee to the ankle
  • Foot Amputations – Amputation of any part of the foot. This includes midtarsal amputation (Lisfranc, Boyds and Symes amputation).

Microprocessor Knees

  • C-Leg
  • Genium,
  • X3
  • Plie’
  • RHEO
  • Freedom
  • Orion

Vaccum Systems

  • Harmony
  • Limb Logic

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