The fitting and approval process varies pending what kind of device you are requiring, as well as the insurance plan you will be using. You may contact our office to discuss and determine what items you will need to provide, as well as schedule a consult with one of our practitioners to determine what treatment modality best fits your needs.

We want to ease any concerns or anxiety you may be having. It is our goal to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have and relieve any worries you may be feeling.

The Process

The first step when choosing Central Prosthetics & Orthotics as your practice of choice for your prosthetic or orthopedic needs is to simply contact us by phone.

Local – 859-263-7712
Toll free – 877-709-7712
email – [email protected]

You will be asked what your specific needs are, do you have a prescription, what insurance will you be using, what location is closest to you, doctors name, do you currently have a prosthesis or orthopedic device, or is this a new service. Our staff will direct you through the process so that approval can be expedited in a timely manner.

If you are using workmans compensation, we will need your claim adjuster’s name and phone number, a claim number and date of injury. We accept most major insurances, medicare, kma and veterans administrations services. For a list of accepted insurances, contact us.

Prior to being seen for your evaluation, make sure you have and do the following:

  • Have your prescription and insurance cards
  • Dress appropriately so that a proper evaluation of the limb or body part may be inspected easily
  • Make a list of questions or concerns you may be having
  • Arrive early so that the necessary paperwork may be filled out and to keep your appointment on time
  • For patient ease, you may down load initial visit forms at the forms tab.
  • If you are scheduling transportation, make sure to allot yourself the recommended needed time to ensure they will make your scheduled appointment time.

The first step in ensuring the proper treatment modality is to first evaluate the extremity of concern to determine the appropriate design. This is done through both verbal questions, physical examination and gait evaluation.

Once the evaluation is completed, the practitioner will go over the design and function of the device. If you have just recently had an amputation, the practitioner will discuss the steps that will occur over the coming weeks once the limb has healed and initial limb shrinkage has occurred. They will also address any concerns or questions you may have.

If you are currently wearing a prosthesis or orthopedic brace, a determination of what needs to be repaired, adjusted or replaced will be made. It is important to us that at the end of your evaluation, you feel comfortable with the decisions made and you agree with the treatment modality.

Once the evaluation has been completed, the practitioner will formulate a letter of medical neccesity for your referring physician to sign. From this, our office will formulate a cost as well based on your insurance coverage. It will be checked against your insurance for deductibles if any. If you have payment concerns, our billing staff can address your concerns and direct you to any assistance programs that are available to you if they are needed.

All insurance requires that we have proper documentation from you, the practitioner and your physician prior to approval. This documentation comes both from your doctor and from us. Our staff is knowledgable and keeps current with the latest requirements and frequent changes necessary to expedite your claim in a timely an efficient manner.

Once financing has been approved, our office will inform you and schedule a casting or delivery appointment. If at any time you wish to know the status of your claim, please feel free to contact our insurance and authorization staff for latest updates.

A fitting appointment is wear prior to delivery, the prosthesis or orthopedic brace is test fit to ensure an appropriate fit. This appointment is not necessary for all orthopedic bracing, for prosthetic devices it is a necessary step. For those instances when they are, your practitioner will inform you that there will be a fitting appointment prior to your delivery appointment.

During the fitting appointment, your practitioner will ensure the prosthesis, brace or shoe fits prior correctly prior to final completion and delivery of the mechanical device we are making for your specific need. Any concerns will be corrected prior to final delivery. Once the patient and practitioner both agree on appropriate function, comfort and design, the item will be completed for delivery.

At delivery, the practitioner will fit you with your prosthesis, orthopedic brace or shoes. They will ensure appropriate fit and function, instruct you on how to put on and take off the device, ambulate in the device safely, wear schedule, cleaning and distribute any literature applicable to your device. Finally they will schedule a follow-up appointment and address any questions you may have.